The first website that I went to was, where I learned the basic plan of what I was going to do to the car. I saw that the car that they made on this website had eye screws attached to the mouse trap to hold the axle, which I thought was a good idea. I also saw that the car on this site used pens for axles, and had CDs as wheels.

I then went to, where I found out that bigger wheels make the car go farther, so I decided to use records as wheels instead of CDs. I also saw that the wheels had pokes on them, and they were not just solid circles, which decreased the weight of the car. I knew that the less weight you have the better, so I decided doing this to the wheels would be a good idea. The car on this site also had rubber on the wheels to create more traction, so I decided that I would try putting some sort of latex on my wheels to give them more traction.

Lastly, I went to, where I found out that to reach maximum distance, you should position the mousetrap farther away from the rear axle, and have a longer arm.